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B’DOWG (Beyond Dead Old White Guys) is a free open-source page offering lesson plan resources to promote diversity and inclusion of marginalized people and groups within the Virginia Standards of Learning. Our goal is to link Virginia SOLs with N.I.C.E. (Neat Inclusive Classroom Exercise) alternatives that acknowledge the accomplishments of members from marginalized groups, the privilege that allowed DOWGs to make it into history books, and the problematic ways of many revered figures across content areas.

Research from cognitive psychologists like Piaget and self-determination theorists stresses the importance of relatedness. Diversifying the Virginia Standards of Learning provides students with an opportunity to relate to figures that are more similar to them. Learners can abstractly apply lessons from diverse figures’ contributions to their own life.

Begin by selecting a content area below to explore some of the N.I.C.E. alternatives that can be incorporated into your teaching!

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